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Though it's been through a few owners and name changes, Freeman Bay has been an area staple since the late 1920s!  When the lake was still a river, the original site was actually located up the hill from our current building. 


In 1947, Gene Poncebaker helped his dad (Frank) move their store to where it can be found today! They operated their new location as "Poncie's" (a name that stayed with the business through a couple more owners).  In the mid-90s, Poncie's closed for an entire season.  It was eventually bought and re-opened as "Freeman Bay Trading Post."  In the late 90s it was sold again and re-named "Freeman Bay." Our current owner bought the business in the fall of 2003 and debuted it as "Susan's Freeman Bay" the following spring.  


​If you're interested in reading Susan's account of how she came to be the owner of Freeman Bay, click the "read more" button below!

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